About Us

Savi Political Consulting is one of the leading Washington, DC–based Republican political consulting firms. Savi Political offers over a decade of experience in the areas of election campaign consulting, political strategy, public relations, strategic communication and public policy advising.

Our team of political consultants work coast-to-coast in the United States with candidates, campaigns and political parties at the local, state and national levels.

Worldwide, we offer non-partisan American campaign consulting know-how to candidates, campaigns and political parties. We have worked on every continent.

Thank you for considering our services. I’m confident Savi Political will meet your highest expectations. We look forward to being an integral part of your political team.


Nino Saviano, Founder and President

Nino is a political strategist, campaign consultant, trainer, public speaker and contributor. He has advised countless campaigns, political candidates and elected officials in the United States – from state houses to the U.S. Senate – and around the world from Europe to Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Nino began his work in election politics on the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole. He then went on to serve in the second administration of President Bill Clinton as a Special Assistant and senior analyst.

As a frequent media commentator on U.S. election politics and public policy issues, Nino’s opinion columns have appeared in The Hill, FoxNews.com, The Blaze, UPI, regional newspapers as well as international publications. A political management trainer, Nino has led workshops for campaign professionals and candidates in the U.S. and abroad including Latin America, Africa and Asia. He has trained in Campaigns & Elections programs and consults with international visitors through U.S. State Department and other exchange programs.

Nino has held university teaching appointments in American government, foreign policy, global politics and public policy. He received advanced graduate and doctoral-level training in political science at Georgetown University’s Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service and Government Department, and in economics at Johns Hopkins University. Nino received a BA magna cum laude from East Carolina University.